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Will a Stage 3 clutch last longer?

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What is the difference between a stage 4,3,2 clutch? : CartalkI was told that I should be getting a performance clutch as opposed to … Stage 3-- an even stronger plate(usually still sprung) and somewhere along But, any good name clutch will probably be good as long as you match it to DIY For any skill level: Take a few minutes to rinse out the wheel wells of dirt, road salts, etc

Pros/Cons of a Stage 3 clutch? - Maxima ForumsI was wondering what the pros and cons of a stage 3 clutch are on a stock car My friend and I made a bet on how long his car lasts, I said no more than 6 How long should an upgraded clutch last? | TDIClub ForumsMar 16, 2017 — I've heard that upgraded clutches should last at least as long as a not slipping at that point, even with the last 100k miles with a Stage 3 tune

Stage 3 Clutch Explained And How To Use It | HotCarsNov 7, 2020 — A stage 3 clutch is a serious piece of equipment, the kind you need if you hit the last of which removes the pressure from the disc once the clutch pedal is In a normal car, the heat of the engine can lead a stage 3 clutch to 

stage 3 clutch daily driver? | DSMtunersFeb 6, 2014 — would a stage 3 exeedy clutch be way to hard to be a daily driver? Also kevlar will last longer and its about impossible to burn up. Ive slipped Here's Why You Can't Daily-Drive a Car With a Race ClutchMay 13, 2018 — That stage 3 clutch might be great for holding power, but it's not going to do great on your commute to work

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How long did your aftermarket clutch last????? - LS1TECHMar 1, 2007 — And whos the guy with the clutch that lasted over 3 years? The only clutch that held up to his constant racing was the SPEC stage 3, which was It could have gone longer, but I swapped it out in favor of a lighter setupAre racing clutches LESS durable than OEM? | 8th GenerationMar 16, 2016 — I would think that a racing clutch would be able to endure more abuse and therefore last longer under normal driving conditions than the OEM

Stage 3 Clutch too much? - G35Driver - Infiniti G35 & G37Sep 10, 2015 — I came across a pretty good deal on a Stage 3 Spec clutch through a drive stick a long time ago but realize this clutch should've lasted longerdoes anyone know how long does a spec stage 3 clutch last inSep 6, 2015 — I just wanted to know how long Spec stage 3 clutches last in a 03 cobra with sorta mellow driving.?. 1. /. 6. Best Shelby GT350 Ever???

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